Steel Rolltop


The Secure Cabinet Company Steel Rolltop provides secure and convenient storage for a variety of electronic equipment and other valuable assets. The Rolltop is spring-loaded and balanced for ease of operation. The 3/4″ galvanized steel construction makes it superior over wood Rolltop cabinets because it is chip-proof and damage-resistant.

The rear top panel is removable to allow access to components. Custom ventilation options are available to meet your application needs.

A commercial grade laminate covers the Secure Cabinet and compliments the Steel Rolltop for beautiful styling. Our cabinet has a clean, solid, and contemporary appearance. It looks equally appealing in a church, gymnasium or in the lobby of a downtown office building.

The Secure Steel Rolltop Cabinet is available in four standard sizes: 3’, 4’, 5’ and 6’. The standard depth of the cabinet is 45” deep. You can customize the size to meet your needs. Choose from 23” or 30” desktop heights depending on the application of the cabinet. Low profile cabinets are also available. The Upper Slots are eliminated from these cabinets to provide a lower cabinet height.

Choose from a large selection of Formica Corporation laminates to meet your décor requirements. We can customize your cabinet with special laminates or two-tone laminates for an additional charge. The standard interior color of the cabinet is black.


Components can be combined to create the exact cabinet you need.
– The Rolltop with Shroud/Cabinet
– The Rolltop Only
– Upper Slots with Rack Units
– Base Cabinets with Rack Units

(unlike the breakable cabinets made of wood): 

– The Steel Rolltop does not drop down the back of the cabinet. It is rolled up and maintained at the top-rear of the cabinet.
– The Back panel is removable to allow access to wiring.
– The Upper Slot compartment slides forward and has open rear access.

*Slight marring may be visible on galvanized steel slats.
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